Time between RV Tours

Our next six weeks will be spent exploring the West – discovered long ago by native people as a beautiful place filled with nature’s wonders and abundance.  The coming of Europeans changed the tranquility they valued and decimated their way of life as well as their nations.  This trip has taught us to share our regret for these actions but to also act affirmatively to protect these lands, their singularity and remarkable beauty. 

We stared with a week in Seattle enjoying both the natural and manmade sights including beautiful falls on the Cascades, amazing glass architecture and wonderful glass art by local artist Michael Chihuly. 

A day trip to Bainbridge Island reminded us of the area’s native origins as well as its timber industry and the beginnings of it population diversity.  What struck us most after being away from cities for three months was raucous conversation sounds, sizzle of the inhabitants energy, and the Canyon like feel of buildings and roadways. The open airy plains and prairies of the Midwest and Upper Northwest have left us with a yearning for space, quiet and big sky. 

A few days in Portland are next followed by some calm time in Coos Bay close Oregon’s natural stone wonders along the Pacific. 

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