Pandemic Year One

Hard to believe it’s been a full year. The year that was stolen from us by an errant virus set lose on an unsuspecting world unprepared for its impact. Billions of people infected, three million dead worldwide. In United States where we live – over 600,000 have died, stopped breathing, ended their earthly adventure and transitioned. Beyond sad are all of us. Looking forward to a full day with no tears in my eyes; no waves of loneliness or pain brought on by the empathetic reaction to seeing so much loss.

I write a blog on RV travel and use photographs to illustrate the where and when. For most of 2020 we have not traveled much. Two trips to the Keys – only internal state travel and we went to a county where we felt safe. There mask wearing and social distancing was and still is vigorously enforced.

We plan on leaving here for a trip back to the northeast in May since we have both been fully vaccinated. We have family and friends to see and hug for the first time in a year. Our next blog post will be from the road again.

Till then ❤️

Table Runner – my other creative outlet – quilting.
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