Photos of spring at Lake Ashton

While many thousands of us are practicing social distancing to help stop the Covid 19 virus I thought I would share some photos of how spring is being celebrated here in Lake Ashton. Weather is warm, sun is shining and love is in the air. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’š

We will look back on all this difficulty and hopefully with as few fatalities as possible. Rick and I are 70+ so we are taking our precautions seriously and spending our time in our new home and neighborhood. Golf cart rides are our venturing out and we always have cameras with us. Hope you enjoy this slice of life and it brings a smile to you.

A singular Bald eagle surveying nest possibilities near our marina.

Our afternoon bunnies are out in force after golfers finish on the courses here.

A Gallilude – with lovely green legs to contrast with the awesome orange beak.

Fishing is very good here especially for snowy egrets.

A Red shoulder hawk and his mate are nest hunting too.

The Four PM crane gathering

Down to a matched pair. These beautiful birds mate for life and have between one and four colts each year – the young stay with parents for first year and are tossed out to find their own mate, as the next mating season approaches.

This skittish heron flew away as the camera clicked.

Got this one as a Great Blue Heron preens for dinner date later.

Below is a Great Horned Owl nest – a thrilling sight to see.

Very young Sandhill Cranes learning how to find their own lunches

This Great Blue Heron was apparently drying his wings or working on his tan as we practiced our putts just ten feet away

The same Great Blue chatting up the Florida Grackle before departing for cocktails.

Two shots of new Cranes or Colts as they are called – and Mom strolling along one of our lakes. They are called Colts because of their long skinny legs that grow very fast.

An osprey nest below, with Dad watching from a lower tree limb for intruders.

Two lovely Ducks checking out the pond by their nest.

Another shot of Great Horned Owl nest

Who says Florida Vultures can’t be “Lovebirds”

It’s a challenge to meet the Colts to walk in a line.

The Mating routine of Sand Hill Cranes requires lots of space and possibly a runway!

It’s hard to tell if the female is impressed but we keep seeing more babies so the dances must be working.

Our Ducks invite a small heron to join them for a “dip”

A Great Blue relaxing next to the 8th green water hazard.

Hope this was fun – come back to our page soon.

Author: kateamirault

Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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