Utica visit – alcohol on our minds.

Our visit to Utica started at the famous Utica Club Brewery or Saranac as it is called today.

I remembered visiting there, maybe 50 yrs ago with cousins who grew up in Utica. It’s been a vital part of their community for a century. It’s an amazing place that has preserved old techniques while taking advantage of newer processes to remain competitive. A great tour and we would recommend anyone stopping here sign up for this real taste of American success.

The beautiful glass in tasting room – same one used 100 yrs ago.


Cans in a row as they head toward filling.

It’s a long route to package store…..

Below are mugs from the huge collection in tasting room.

A beautiful place to enjoy a beer.

The older vats have been preserved although newer stainless steel ones are now used.

After a brewery tour – a nap was in order!

We also toured the small boutique distillery that makes Adirondack Bourbon as well as gin and vodka. We were delighted by this experience having toured the huge Jack Daniels and Buffalo Trace distilleries – it was so cool to see a small batch operation and talk with several partner owners – one of whom was also a former political operative in Massachusetts like me. Small World isn’t it ?

Barrels in the pre filled stage. Did you know the barrels are burned wood inside – that’s what colors the bourbon and whiskey.

The stills and other equipment are works of art.

Try this boutique bourbon if you can. It was delicious.

They sell their gin and vodka – the first stage of the process results in clear liquor – to keep the distillery strong and allow time for their bourdon to age – a minimum of 3-5 years.

We stayed at Turning Stone Casino RV Park owned and operated by the Oneida Tribe – it was lovely and the casino had a fabulous buffet that we enjoyed one night with our friend. We recommend this RV Park – great price and good amenities.

Toward the end of this visit our 11 yr old Yorkie became very sick and had to be admitted to Cornell University Companion Animal Hospital in Ithaca for emergency care. After three days he was recovering well and was released to his family happily!!! This scared us to death but reminded us to enjoy every minute of every day. Lenny is our family and we love him and his sister Lola beyond comparison. We thank the medical staff at Cornell for their fabulous care.

Next stop a return to Woodstock and Saugerties NY and a visit with my cousin Paula.

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Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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