Our return to sister towns – Saugerties and Woodstock NY

During our first Motor coach trip in the 2008 Tiffin Allegro Bus in 2015’we stayed here for a week and loved it – so a return was in the cards.

Saugerties is a quaint and lovely Hudson River based small city that never fails to intrigue us.

Rich in history and culture it entices you to learn about its past but also hope it’s future us bright. Every year they have an art show that involves a city wide theme and the competitors display their work outside retail stores along the Main Street. This year “Sailboats” were in! So beautiful and amazing to enjoy. Below is a sample of several entries. There also are great eateries – we had a fab lunch at Miss Lucy’s Kitchen and had delicious pizza across the street at “Slices.”

A wonderful dinner at The Red Onion in Woodstock capped off a great return visit. Diners come from the Big Apple to enjoy the fabulous food at the “Onion” and the service is unparalleled.

Put the Saugerties/Woodstock KOA on your itinerary for a perfect location between these two sweet sisters as well as the other nearby attractions such as the Woodstock Museum, Overlook Mountain and the sculpture phenomena – Opus 40.

The sign below at a local church struck me as an important reminder.

My cousin and our significant others enjoyed lunch at Miss Lucy’s Kitchen and celebrated Saugerties on a beautiful sunny day.

Love this symbol as you enter Woodstock – it’s twin is in Saugerties.

Yummy cupcakes had here!!!!

Art is everywhere.

Lenny and Lola love Woodstock too especially via their special dog stroller.

Peace, Love and Flowers everywhere.

Blue Brothers await a table for lunch…..

Follow the sign to Calm…….

A visit from momma deer and her fawn later that evening.

Note: Lenny had his follow up checkup while we were here and he is almost 100% recovered from a severe gastric disorder – such a relief!

Next stop Vermont and New Hampshire as well as two days in Boston for a USS Constitutions Captains and Wives reunion lunch at the Boston Harbor Hotel and dinner with two of our eight grandchildren.

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Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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