Halls of Fame Tour continues with Pro Football Hall of Fame as well as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Last years trip included several museums and three distinctive Halls of Fame – Country Music which we hit in Nashville, followed by the NFL and Rock and Roll versions. All were great experiences but decidedly difference and fabulous in their own right. We delighted in the exhibits and memorabilia.

Nestled along the lakeshore of Lake Erie the Hall is an imposing sight and an anchor for the city’s revitalization. The building is fascinating and architecturally pleasing It welcomes would with music and colors immediately.

We would return to the Rock and Roll one because it was so big and a mirror of our lives – we are sure we missed things, and I’m such a music buff – I was in heaven there! Rick caught my enthusiasm and we both really enjoyed our first visit. Music is everywhere and the memories of your life coincide with each new performer or group – it was delightful and enormous fun.

We traveled south of Cleveland to Akron where the NFL hosts its legends. Being a Patriots fan made our visit to the NFL Hall as good as it gets. We had a great tour there and learned a lot about how the leagues were formed as well as their history with civil rights and integration. The docents there were fabulous and we would recommend paying extra for the guided tour. The Hall of Fame inductees room is a tribute to all the greats including my personal favorite – Terry Bradshaw who I finally met several years ago – after being a huge fan before the Patriots became my guys. He’s a singular talent and I still get to see him on Fox NFL Sunday Shows.

Make time to visit these two places – very worthwhile and fun for all.

Terry Bradshaw- my first sports idol.

Winning the first super Bowl after two bi losses was a dream come true but six in 20 years is magical.

We departed the northern Indiana area and headed northeast to Utica New York for a visit with a former Ameriprise colleague and a view of a city I traveled to with family many years ago.

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