The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY

America’s Sports Car!

This is another bucket list place for us! I have loved Corvettes as long as I can remember. One of my first loves had a bright yellow one that I dreamed about driving. I’ve never driven one but after we win the one below in the $25 raffle event in August I will learn quickly, I promise! It’s a sweet and sleek cherry red beauty that would look awesome in our new driveway in Lake Ashton.

Below are samples of the various models – all beautiful and super charged. The museum had a tragic experience a few years ago when a sinkhole opened up in the large gallery space and sucked eight beautiful cars into its depths. Some had just arrived at the Museum – donated or on loan from loving owners. There was no premonition of the event, although people knew there was a subterranean cave alongside the museum area. We chatted with a woman staff member whose husband who was one of the first on scene when he reported to work that morning. Witnesses were horrified but immediately began the investigation and recovery procedures. They have developed a fabulous display and explanation of what happened and why and how they will prevent a reoccurrence. Losing the cars was terrible – only two started up once they were lifted out and most were not repaired due to the tremendous cost.

To the right of this 2006 model you can see a view of some recovered cars as they appeared after being lifted out of the sinkhole. It brings tears to your eye seeing the damage but no employees were hurt and that was important as the hole appeared in the very early morning.

The Sting Ray returns!

The one hundred thousand Corvette.

The 1958 model was always one of my favorites.

The 1967 models were the ones were relished when we were college students. Gotta be successful so you can get one…..The rally racing model above.

Sweet colors – loved the shiny silver ones – these models were made to intrigue and satisfy the desire for speed and pizazz. .

The gorgeous lemon yellow version that I loved as a teen.

A staged photo that gives you a idea of the devastating damage caused by the sinkhole.

Don’t we look good next to this one above or driving the one below?

This was a great tour through the design and development of America’s sports car !We would recommend this visit to anyone whether you are a Corvette enthusiast or not. The story of the Corvette is an all American story with people believing in a dream and making it come true through sheer hard work. The men and women involved were fascinating to learn about and gain respect for. A fun thing is sitting in a few and closing your eyes to dream. Several of the cars given to Apollo astronauts are also on display – that’s a fun link to the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing this year.

Fun stop just up the highway from Nashville off I 65 – there’s a cafe inside with classic American fare so you can spend a few hours and get a bite to eat.

Give your car guy or girl a fun day lusting after America’s favorite sports car.

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One thought on “The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY”

  1. Have just loved your blog and photos! So fun to see these places thru your eyes and commentary- thanks for sharing. I’m sitting outside for the first time in a week – it’s cooling off and I hear thunder in the background. Been a great cleaning and organizing day. Today was my gardening stuff – all sorted and cleaned and everything g has its place – what a difference! I put motion lighting in so when I go to get something I can actually see it! The little things in life… barry is threatening to label all the plastic tubs he so neatly filled up on our new rack…. it’s been the mystery zone for a month now….

    The hummingbird are having a great time visiting the bougainvilleas- whah did I wait so long to have a couple in the front garden? Thanks to our previous renters….

    Last night We went to a farm down the road that was having a very laid back square dance and burgers cold beer – was dusty by the time those dancers got going – outside in the yard…. night did cool off and we left before the storm arrived. Was a crazy light show on the drive home. Who needs fireworks…. was mostly young people and young families but we saw some old friends and met a couple new ones… it’s s fun group

    I suppose to be napping so I can go to the grocery store… was up at 6 am to do some outside work while it was cooler… Fingers crossed the deck guys come to finish tomorrow – we are sooo ready to have it finished and hate looking at this almost completed…

    It will be so nice when you come back next year😜

    Eileen Hennessy 615 945 0139 USA Or 615 592 5056 USA Sent from my iPad



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