The Clinton Presidential Library and Little Rock, Arkansas

The highlight and main reason for this stop was to visit the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum. We also added another state to our list making Arkansas the 46th state we have stayed in. Did you know it was the largest grower of rice in the US as well as a leading chicken producer. It has acres and acres of farmland and is quite scenic.

The Clinton Library was a pleasure to visit and for me full of memories. I worked in Clinton campaign in 1991-92 and stayed involved through his Presidency. I will always treasure the time I spent with both the President and Hillary Clinton campaigning and working advance. The exhibits and displays were well done and perfectly arranged, documentation was expert with photos as well as memorabilia to remind us of our commitment to democracy.

That’s the Taj from the Clinton Library Park area – in the Downtown RV Park along side the Arkansas River in North Little Rock. A cool spot and there’s a free trolley to take you back and forth across the River.

Replica of President Clinton’s Oval Office with two highly qualified occupants…….

Front of the Museum & Library – a stunning building architecturally – with a sweet cafe where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and a fabulous view of the river.

A special exhibit at the Museum about the damage being done to our oceans by our needless disposal of plastics. Below is a mosaic made from discarded items picked up along shorelines and floating in the oceans. This exhibit gave us a whole new perspective on pollution. It’s embarrassing that we are responsible for such filth and destruction.

This photo reminded me of the Hillary I came to know and respect. A tireless campaigner who enjoyed all of America’s people – no matter where they came from.

Photos and memorabilia that brought so much back to mind.

A view across the museum galleries from the 2nd floor.

Another “Washed Ashore” sculpture made from plastic trash.

A photo I took with an American flag reflected as well as a news tape. Just liked it.

This is an extraordinary museum that covers eight years of good times and bad. It doesn’t overlook the impeachment issues but does present the viewpoint one expects. It does remind us of our history – our progress and it’s impact. It’s my fourth Presidential Library – we’d like to see the others as well. It’s a great way to appreciate our American history.

We took the trolley into downtown Little Rock – a small city named for the small rock at the river crossing by the French pioneers – Le Petite Roche.” It’s rediscovering its heritage as well as developing its future. The trolley driver provided us with a brief tour and helped us appreciate changes as well as the hopes for future development. Later we had a good lunch at an Irish Pub back across the River in North Little Rock – which as formerly named “Argenta” and that name is now used to identify that little sister city’s center area.

Heifer headquarters is located next to the Library – it’s an organization that helps fund self sufficiency and economic development in countries struggling to build modern economies and opportunities.

City skyline from the coach as we approached.

River views as we crossed the bridge into town.

Loved this restaurant sign and we heard the food is yummy.

River Market is the riverside development that has spurred tourism and vacationers.

Another River view from the trolley. At night several bridges are illuminated and their lights offer a mesmerizing dance from our RV Park.

Our 46th state – another one to add to our list.

Although not an elegant site or park,’it’s a cool riverside view and the proximity to the Library and city could not be beat. The people were friendly and accommodating and the price quite reasonable.

Our next stop was to be Springfield, Illinois to visit the Abraham Lincoln Library but the historic flooding of the Mississippi has postponed that visit to 2020. We will now head directly to South Bend area in Indiana after an overnight in a Walmart parking lot along the way.

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Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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