Taj 2019 “Friends/Family” Tour begins in Georgia.

We departed Florida for our three month tour – that would take us through Georgia into Tennessee, Arkansas then northeast to Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. We stopped in Bainbridge GA to see dear friends and witness the damage that remains from last year’s visit by Hurricane Micheal.

Our friends stunning home was surrounded by stately oaks and pines until Michaels shearing winds did a undesirable trim. For the residents after some fifty years it’s like loosing old friends and the recovery is not only physical it’s emotional. There’s a post traumatic stress condition that follows these types of storms. The sound of thunder, lightening and rain now brings fear and anxiety to the survivors.

Piles of trees, branches and bushes refuse…..

Broken trees everywhere

Blue tarps adorned many a building protecting damage still not repaired.

Roofs were particularly damaged – crazy to see metal ones peeled back like paper.

This cottage had more than just storm damage but I loved the shadows and colors that surrounded it.

Advice to be ignored……. or not.

Our drive north to Atlanta took us through peach crop country where more than 50% of the annual crops were destroyed last fall. Seeing this damage in person is so much more dramatic than on television. We were happy to see new growth and this year’s crop starting to blossom. During one of our short stop, Lenny and Lola met their first Vietnamese pig up close and personal.

We stopped in Atlanta – specifically Auburn and Lawrenceville – to see friends from our Alaska trip, and from our Tiffin days. We dry camp parked in their backyard and stayed in their house one night. The dogs enjoyed the visit as much as we did – lots of exploring in a big house and bigger backyard.

Easter Sunday activities started with a lovely brunch at this unique restaurant alongside a regional airport with lots of “aero planes” memorabilia.

The 57th Squadron Headquarters Restaurant – go there and sit along the windows in back to watch the small planes takeoff and land.

A vineyard tour in the afternoon at Elan Vineyards was a great way to spend a warm windy afternoon. The tour was terrific and followed by a tasting of their delicious wines and ports. A perfect day!

Inside the Chateau – A decorative wall made from old restored ceiling light tiles complete with light fixtures.

Grapes vines up close – these are grown for a sweet white wine the vineyard makes, along with reds made from externally sourced grapes.


The Elan statue……. a young woman in the traditional grape crushing pose…..

Roses and vines are a perfect match.

Lawrenceville – old city hall building at sunset – we joined old friends for dinner in downtown and couldn’t resist this shot of the restored building.

We left Georgia after a week of visits and headed into Tennessee – our 45th State!

Lynchburg and Nashville were next on our list of stops – the Jack Daniels Distillery followed by a visit with my sister and her husband in Music City – Nashville!

Along the way we traveled beside a truck transporting “bee hives” – and although they were wrapped in a tight net – several bees had escaped – we wished them well as they dart around cars and trucks seeking new flowers.


We crossed the Tennessee River at Chattanooga and again at the second TN/GA border – these state lines are very wiggly here and follow the river’s twists and turns.

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