Our one serious incident – our tow gear gives way – and I drive behind the Taj the next 2000 miles.

So there we were driving East on Highway 1 heading to the Alaska/Yukon border on our way to Skagway – suddenly our tow car was visible in the right rear view mirror. Not Some Thing You Ever Want To See! So as luck would have it we were near a pull off – one of the few- and we slowed way down to pull in very carefully.

Several other coaches from our group were there – they all stepped up to help. It seems our tow gear bolts on the car’s right side sheared off and there were no safety cables so it let go. But left side held and the car did not damage the coach or tear off into a ravine.

We were able to remove the gear and with no serious damage to the car I could drive it just fine. I would now be the chase car – and follow Rick in the Taj for the next 2000 miles. Dogs would travel with me most of the time – something they would not choose but survived

It provided me an interesting perspective and I learned to snap Iphone pictures while the phone was mounted on the car dashboard. Don’t try this at home! No one was hurt in this incident but it did shake us up a bit so drinks were evident at the evening meal.

Ravens are the supervisors of the highway.

They watch, warn and never waiver.

Fog and forest fire smoke enveloped the mountains along the highway shortly after the “incident”.

Forest fire across the river burning for several days.

Lola – my partner in the front seat this trip.

I stopped for these two pictures with Rick – it’s on the long winding road to Skagway.

Here we are going back into Alaska – Skagway and Juneau – after a day drive thru a part of the Yukon. The Canada and American border police were very understanding, but we did not love doing this in separate vehicles.

The tow gear was replaced once we returned to the USA. We actually got different tow gear and I think it’s better gear, and USAA, our insurance company paid for everything. So what ends well ……..

Author: kateamirault

Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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