The Yukon River Steamboat, a champion Sled Dog Kennel and the Athabaskan Heritage site

Susan Butcher was the first woman to compete in and win the classic Alaskan sled dog race called the Iditarod. She was a champion in every sense of the word and an amazing role model for young women eager to take their place in sled dog racing competition. She passed away several years ago after a long battle with breast cancer. Today her husband maintains and operated the champion Kennel they founded on the banks of the Yukon River. We were lucky to get a tour while we were traveling the Yukon River by Steamboat. The dogs are handsome and obviously irrepressible and they live to run.

The dogs train in summer and fall with a converted ATV rather than a sled. Keeping them active and in shape is vital to their development as racing dogs. After a good workout they love a quick dip in the river with the trainers.

A sweet cabin on the riverbank with the required moose antlers adorning the entry.

The Athabaskan Village Tour – another remarkable heritage site

Bear skin being stretched and prepared for use as warm clothing mBeautiful flowers everywhere this time of year!

Storing your food up high protects it against beards stealing it- this is the Alaska refrigerator and pantry. Our Riverboat cruise was terrific with a female captain who represents the third generation of her family to work the Yukon River.

Now that’s a warm coat!!!

Salmon was and continues to be vital to the native people – here they demonstrated catching and smoking it for consumption during long cold winters. A fish wheel trap on the river – an intriguing tool.

Caribou were a vital source of meat and fur for clothing and blankets.

You must have your own float plane in The Yukon and Alaska. Three beautiful homes built on the Yukon Log cabins are most prevalent and come in a variety of styles – traditional and modern.

Our travels continue as we prepare to spend several days in Denali National Park – largest National Park in the USA.

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