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Minnesota – the Twin Cities or Lucas Davenport’s ole stomping ground!

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John Sanford, author, writes the “Prey”crime mysteries with Lucas Davenport as the main character – currently a US Marshall but formerly with Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and a gaming software designer – so every time I think of the Minneapolis/St Paul area I think of his terrific stories. He introduced Minnesota & the twin cities to us but also the rural areas that surround them.

We decided to stop just outside of the Twins – in Jordan and the Granite Falls – so we could meet up with some friends from Rick’s Ameriprise Financial days. We had dinner with always interesting and fun Bernie and Cate at a fabulous Irish Pub in Shakopee and then a few days later we met at a sweet Italian ristorante with the delightful Cory and Corey team in Marshall. It was cool to catch up and see both families are happy and doing well. They loved our traveling stories and will come with us in spirit this year.

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and they are not kidding. Water, water is everywhere and this has been a wet spring so the flowers are blooming and trees exploding with green. We are experiencing our fourth spring. And still enjoy wiping the pollen off every day…..

Next we are off to South Dakota to see one of Rick’s cousins and check off several big items on our bucket list.

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