Goodbye to the Low Country

We said goodby to South Carolina east coast yesterday and drove to Mocksville NC off Rte 77 to get the Taj’s new Magnets Shades. Spent a quiet night and departed by 9 am heading to Ohio, then Indiana. The rolling hills we enjoyed on this leg were so different from low lush land of sea coast and the Smokey Mountains in the distance are draped in spring green and wildflowers. Another spring will blossom around us as we travel north.

As we entered Ohio her rich agricultural heritage became apparent. A leader in soybean and corn crop production southern Ohio has been composed of farming communities for generations. We drove along both big interstates like I 77 and 75, and smaller state roads that gave us a view into these tiny old towns with one traffic light but acres of ripe farm land.

Unique buildings like this covered bridge on one farm added to the land’s appeal and character.

Took this quick shot as we made a left turn along State Road 33 – loved the colors.

We spent the night at a rest stop just north of Dayton – it was a bit noisy but we slept well and rise at 8 am to start our final leg to Middlebury.

We crossed into Indiana – the roads quality improved but the scenery was the same. The barns along the way fascinated me so I started shooting photos of them – old and new, big and small. Here are a few.

Middlebury is in Elkhart County which is the heart of Amish country in Indiana. As we got closer to the towns the Amish plain and simple culture became more apparent. Buggies and carriages replaced cars and trucks and horses were obvious on every farm – horse for pulling farm equipment as well as the small buggy for quick trips to town. There is a serenity in the air here – you can feel it. So much less rushing about. It’s a vacation for the spirit.

And horses are everywhere….

We are on this area for a week so we will sample the bakeries and restaurants during this visit. More about that later.

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Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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