Monument Valley – a Navajo sacred place

Words fail me for places like this – that’s why I take photographs and share my sight lines with others. The Valley is deep in the Navajo Nation where clocks do not observe daylight savings time and Navajo way of life is still observed with spiritualism playing a role in everyday life.

We toured a number of the “monuments” with a terrific young woman tribe member who shared all kinds of interesting information. She pointed out an example of a “hogan” – the traditional housing for Navajo Family.

All these rock formations have names – can you pick out The Cube – and significance indicates by them. Many reflect spirts prominent in the native religion. Some sites are now restricted to tribe members only due to either tourist disrespect or abuse. We saw the most sacred sites from a distance via a converted Jeep with seats for 12. We lunched as a group at a huge cowboy buffet restaurant – the only non native facility in this part of the Nation. Food was terribly slow and we would not recommend it.

We were treated to a short song and instrumental performance by several tribe members thus setting the tone for further appreciation of this beautiful place. There also is a small museum (with a beautiful gift shop) near the entrance with an interesting section on the Navajo Code Talkers who broke the Nazi code during WWII thus saving many lives.

Fun fact: The road to access this sacred place is also the road used in the filming of “Forest Gump” One would not know that from the movie. While driving we had to stop for some passing wild horses and saw donkeys or burros just off the road.

Unique place with very special people. Keep your eyes out for this place along the interstate and stop to enjoy it.

Author: kateamirault

Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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