Durango – a Colorado classic and a town named after the “silver” that made it famous!

The tour took a little side trip into Colorado to visit Durango – a classic western town with a rich railroad history and Silverton – an old silver mining town up in the Rockies that has transitioned into a town filled with artisans who create precious stone jewelry, glass artwork and other neat stuff to buy. Fun food stops too – the place we ate at had operated for many decades and was filled with great curios. We bought some amber earrings and a cool glass star ornament that graced our tree top this Christmas.

The Quaking aspen that lined the mountains highlighted by ponderosa pine made a colorful palette and we got some great photos.

We arrived at Silverton via a tour bus and returned after lunch on a slow small gauge train. It was a fun visit but the train ride was 4 plus hours too long – we would have enjoyed spending more time in Durango. They did sell beer on the train so that helped.

That’s snow on the mountain top north of our campground – a frosty morning the day we planned to depart. Delayed three hours as we waited for frost on coach and roads to melt.

The altitude of almost 8000 ft and colder temps caused many of us to be adversely affected. We looked forward to returning to Arizona and we hoped for warmer temps.

Author: kateamirault

Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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