Upper Antelope Slot Canyon – a sacred Navajo beauty.

We were lucky to secure a tour of this place of beauty and reverence. Irene, whose grandfather was a guardian of the Canyon for his tribe, was our guide – we couldn’t have been luckier. The Slot Canyons are formed by water etching wonderful formations which photograph magically. I did not edit these – the colors were caused by the light, sediment and dust throughout the Canyon twists.

Irene directed us toward some of them – like the heart, and she took some of these photos for us. It was a very special experience.

A look back into the Canyon…….

A natural sky light……

Can you feel the endless water dripping…..

Where did the blue come from?

Curves that entice the eye and the heart.

You can feel the spiritual here.

Heart of the Upper Antelope Canyon

Look up, look up…..

Even in black and white this place seduces the eyes…

Irene with Rick and I and above a photo of our tour group at the rear entrance – thank you for a wonderful experience.

Irene took this photo at the rear opening of the Canyon. A special memory.

Author: kateamirault

Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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