Bryce Canyon explored

With heights of over 9300 feet this canyon area is unique, lofty and colorful. It is remarkable that each of these landscapes are so different and demonstrate different natural erosion on the layered rock

We look down from various points in the National Park – feels like we are observing little cities of rock built by aliens

Deep ravines make hiking here treacherous but many people participate in hikes to the floor. The altitude here affected us so we limited our hiking.

Love the colors here – pines decorate the most amazing places

Many prominences have names because they look intentionally like animals or people. Nature has a vast imagination.

The Canyon is bordered by cliffs where erosion continues to chip away at the edges.

Love these natural windows to the soul of Bryce Canyon







Kodachrome Basin State Park – one of many fantastic parks in Utah

Another visit to an unexpected place – this state park is aptly named and revealed some unusual rock formations that we could not resist. The weather cooperated the day we visited and illuminates these wonderful rock formations that defy the imagination.

Chimney Rock

Rock towers formed as resistant rock survives the effect of wind and water erosion

Rainbows of color highlighted by sun light.

Below a spire stands out against the colorful layers in the background.

A natural bridge marks entry to the basin area.

There are some twenty plus towers or spires that rise above the Navajo sandstone.

Spires that resemble church steeples evoke cathedrals if beautiful color and shapes

A few more North Rim photos

Here the sunlight through a cloud illuminates one of the highest points on the Rim.

These pine trees perched on ledges are inspirational in their struggle against the elements.

Below the red Navajo sandstone layered with linen sandstone as well as other ancient sediments make for startling accents. Layers reveal geologic history as old as 400 million years.

We honor President Roosevelt by following his advice here.

A watercolor by nature……

Upper Antelope Slot Canyon – a sacred Navajo beauty.

We were lucky to secure a tour of this place of beauty and reverence. Irene, whose grandfather was a guardian of the Canyon for his tribe, was our guide – we couldn’t have been luckier. The Slot Canyons are formed by water etching wonderful formations which photograph magically. I did not edit these – the colors were caused by the light, sediment and dust throughout the Canyon twists.

Irene directed us toward some of them – like the heart, and she took some of these photos for us. It was a very special experience.

A look back into the Canyon…….

A natural sky light……

Can you feel the endless water dripping…..

Where did the blue come from?

Curves that entice the eye and the heart.

You can feel the spiritual here.

Heart of the Upper Antelope Canyon

Look up, look up…..

Even in black and white this place seduces the eyes…

Irene with Rick and I and above a photo of our tour group at the rear entrance – thank you for a wonderful experience.

Irene took this photo at the rear opening of the Canyon. A special memory.

Grand Canyon North Rim – unexpected beauty!

I had no idea that there was a North Rim to this famous Canyon. We now know that The Canyon is more than 260 winding miles with the Colorado River continuing to etch beauty through the layers upon layers of rock and sediment. We walked out on several of the prominences to view the the layers and spectacle. Words fail me so please enjoy some of our photos. If you have the chance visit this place and get an amazing perspective on a fantastic natural wonder.

Rain clouds offered us changing colors as light flicked along the ridges.

Even in black and white – stunning.

As the distant storm moved in and soon it was raining – we were provided amazing colors enhanced by sun peaking through clouds and sparkles of lightening.

This grandmother was waiting for her family to return from a walk out to the edge. I loved the peace that emanated from her.

From behind the Lodge we saw these two views enhanced by rich vegetation along the rough cliffs. We gazed south toward the more well known South Rim. But here trees resisting wind, rain and erosion – hanging on for dear life – were flourishing. This beautiful place will be special to us always.

Angel Window gives us a peak at the river below. We walked out along the ridge but only so far – it’s very high and narrow.

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