Lake Powell and the Rainbow Bridge, Page AZ

Created by the huge Glen Canyon Dam, this lake and recreation area is beautiful beyond words. We stayed at an RV park along the lovely lake and we had a fabulous all day boat trip to see Rainbow Bridge and the startling rock formations that surround the lake. Boating is big here with three large marinas for speed boats, fishing boats and houseboats.

As an oasis in an arid desert that straddles Nevada and Arizona this area offers recreation to thousands as well as producing electricity via hydroelectric generation at the Dam. Many toured the Dam but we had just visited the

Mother of all Colorado River dams – Hoover – so we enjoyed the small but intriguing museum dedicated to John Wesley Powell who explored the Green and Colorado river and Canyons first. A remarkable man who despite physical challenges – he lost his arm in the Civil War Battle of Shiloh – he became the first to survey the rivers and reported in detail on the environment for the first time. A tiny museum that was logically organized and a valuable resource.

Rainbow Bridge was a beautiful sight after traveling more than two hours thru the scenic lake. It’s the largest free standing natural bridge in the world and it lives up to its billing. It was a gorgeous day on the water and our boat crew made us comfortable with water and lunches along the way.

This is also a place we would return to and perhaps spend a week or so to truly enjoy the area. Boats of all sizes are available for rent and that would appeal to us. The many different houseboats were fascinating and we also saw pontoon boats – a popular choice in these venues. Clearly this is a popular weekend and vacation spot given the influx of people we saw while visiting.

We also had a special tour of Antelope Slot Canyon by the Navajo tribes who have tended to this sacred site for generations

Our tour guide Irene was amazing and insightful as her grandfather was a shaman who held the Canyon secret before his death and on his deathbed decided it should be shared with others guided by tribe members. This was like visiting a glorious cathedral – it was spiritual and heart warming and the photos from this visit are singular thru no fault of mine – the spirits there clearly express themselves in color and light through crevices.

A spectacular place that words cannot describe.

Now we travel to Jacob Lake AZ and a visit to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Author: kateamirault

Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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