Sorry for being absent. But I’m Back!

Apology for being absent from air waves. Our big 45 day tour ended on Oregon Coast but we've had huge wifi / internet issues so updating has been difficult. But I'm back and hope to catch you up on where we have been.

The Rivers West/ Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Tour was more than we expected. We loved learning with a new group of friends and we loved discovering our country's history. Without Captains Lewis & Clark we would not exist as a country. They connected us coast to coast and they introduced us to west of the Mississippi. No doubt terrible mistakes were made with the expansion and the tour touched on these and included stop at many important native people sites – we learned about their loss and remarkable will to survive.

We learned so much about rivers, lakes and dams and how this power is used now for good clean energy. We saw wind mills across the plans & prairies and were immersed in the world of growing food – whether green or hooved. We are blessed with a beautiful country and this part – the ten states from Missouri to Oregon are wonderful players in our symphony of life. America is amazing and you should not miss seeing it!

From the Oregon Coast to Seattle WA:
We had a week to see a city we love and two friends we have had for many years! What an amazing place – more construction cranes than any other US city! The city bird is the Tall Crane! Amazon, Apple, Google, Expedia & more are all building new skyscrapers there – gorgeous remarkable buildings of glass & steel. So much to see and do…..Pike Place Market, the Puget Sound & Harbor, the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum , Bainbridge Island, the city on Seven Hills, the amazing beautiful neighborhoods, the docks and cruise ship piers, the local wineries, breweries, restaurants, and the exciting outdoor opportunities.

Seeing our friends, Michael and David, was the most fabulous – first dinner downtown at lovely outdoor French place and then outdoor patio dinner at their home with other friends followed by lunch next day at a great Brooklyn style Deli. Doesn't get much better than these nights! Put Seattle on the "We'll be back!" List.

Portland Oregon next stop.
A week to recharge after the big Lewis & Clark tour and Seattle visit and some slight health concerns. But we recovered and will be back on the road soon.
We did not do much there this time except relax but we did visit Cathedral Bridge & it's lovely park along the Willamette River where the dogs got a fabulous workout. We had a wonderful dinner along the Columbia River at Salty's. The great service and delicious local fish made for a great dinner experience – we would go back there on our next visit. And theres another beautiful mountain here – Mt Hood. Portland has so many hidden gems – The Deck is a cool hamburger place on the docks that should not be missed but not in high heels! Don't be afraid to search them out and have a cool new experience.

Coos Bay Oregon
A beautiful place – fishing based economy but gorgeous landscape and visuals. Amazing rock formations, aquatic animals and birds everywhere on the little islands & rocks – villages & parks that heighten the experience of the coast – the fog or marine layer- whatever you call it – makes this a magical place! I took lots of photos – all softened by the ever present water crystals…

So many fantastic things to see here and in the sweet state parks along the shore. A rugged remarkable shoreline, lovely sand sculpture by local artist, wild creatures that share the land & sea with us. Elk, Elk & ELK! Birds and aquatic sports – seals, sea lions, elephant seals, Puffins, cormorants, gulls & terns!
A beach day for us and the doggies was a lovely respite – we miss the ocean! Lumber – harvested for homes, papers and maybe someday skyscrapers, baby trees growing in spaces where their ancestors once lived. Wood is a renewable resource – and managed properly it benefits the land and the people. Funky shops, breakfast and lunch places run by sweet folks who are the citizens that give life to these small four corner towns of America.

We travel to California next – the longest state! It's so many climates, landscapes, and visual experiences it needs a page to itself. Ciao for now.

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