St Charles, Missouri – the Tour starts here! 

Our Rivers West Lewis & Clark Fantasy RV Tour began May 22nd and ended July 5th. It was six weeks packed with great travel, super people, constant learning,  and amazing scenery across



nine states. We had great weather – few rain showers although strong winds were challenging from time to time. I took about 1500 photos – too many for this site – but I do plan to share some over the next few months.

To sum it up we followed the Corps of Discovery trail – starting in Missouri ending on the coast of Oregon – we stopped at many historical sites and celebrated this achievement of the “astronauts” of the 1800’s.  There is no denying the remarkable accomplishment – United States of America would have looked very different had it failed or not happened.

We witnessed our country’s prehistory through graphic visual examples and saw how the continent’s development influenced America’s future. We learned much about the Native people who Europeans displaced from natural lands to fulfill their manifest destiny and yet they survive and continue their traditions & cultures.  Their artistry, love and respect of nature, strong family structures are worthy of our respect and reverence.

What a beautiful country! From volcanos to gorges, glaciers to prairies, rivers to dams, lakes to creeks, hills to enormous peaks – there is diverse beauty beyond comparison!  Stay tuned for more photographs & thoughts from this amazing tour.


The boat House museum along Missouri River where replicas of the pirouettes (canoes) they used

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Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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