OOOklahoma – where the wind comes sweeping down the plain….

If you don’t know that phrase you haven’t seen the famous musical Oklahoma – too bad it’s terrific and it’s pretty accurate about a few things. The wind is a constant it seems and we have had days with gusts to 60 mph and the weather is visible in distance – you can watch it advance across these plains for miles. The land is distinctive – flat with rich red soil that colors all the rivers red and feeds the cattle, horses and people who call this area home. The city is relatively small and compact with rural suburbs connected by highways that surround the city. 

A photo taken during drive north to KOA Campground – wind doing about 60-70 Mph – speed limit 75 mph – like an amusement park ride! 

A large wind farm on outskirts – for oil country we were surprised by the eco friendly energy generation and use for transportation – lots of solar and natural gas buses in the city.  Proof that the two elements are compatible. 

This picture shows a front moving north east – it generated damaging thunderstorms, torrential rain and hail, and up to 90 mph winds. We saw some of it’s damage in Oklahoma City later that week. 

You don’t need to go far to see farms and large grazing areas for livestock.  The scenery is very unique and quite beautiful – so different for us eastern coastal dwellers. The people are warm and welcoming and we have found a great site in the Oklahoma East KOA, patio, table and chairs, gas grill and Adorondack chairs included!

No trouble getting Satellite tV at this site and The doggies get their little fenced in area too.  

Our visit included a day trip to the Oklahoma National Memorial & Museum as well as the Western Heritage & Cowboy Mueum. Both were amazing experiences and highly recommended.  Separate posts about each place will follow this one.  

We also spent several hours at the local Cummings dealer getting the coach engine and generator computer updates that will enhance their performance. Folks there were Super and it was a positive experience. Later this week we will travel down to Lewisville TX to the NIRVC location to get our generator transfer switch replaced – this will prepare us better for our big trip west this summer. 

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Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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