Venice visit and more Riverbend Sunsets

Great lunch at the Crows Nest in Venice on the water. Lovely place which we will return to. Met old friends from the Navy days and celebrated a 25 year friendship!  

Rick & Kathleen with Anne & Clark out front of the Crows Nest after yummy lunch! 

View from our table – a fun Saturday in Venice. 

Bridge to Venice over the Intracoastal Waterway – the Waterway that allows boats to travel inside of the open water to get all around Florida and up the East Coast as well.  An amazing way to see the eastern side of USA. 

I love shooting sunsets over this river – never the same picture with amazing color and depth – I am just the witness to this beauty! 


Trees fashion a lovely frame. 

The clouds opposite the sunset repeat the beauty. 

Proof that clouds often enhance the beauty. 

A tinsey bit of enhancement set fire to the river this evening. 

St Patrick’s Day Sunset 

Looking west towards Fort Myers & Cape Coral – the sun perched on the edge…

Drooping ever so slowly…

Down down down…..,

Is that a yellow flash?

Just a smiggen of sun left…. until tomorrow at 630 am or so when the day here starts all over again. 

St Patrick’s Day at Riverbend 

Celebrating the Irish was done in fine style with a club car parade followed by a corned beef dinner at the club house and a spectacular sunset on the river. Lenny and Lola got into the fun and rode in our “float” for the whole parade through the resort. 

Sunset over the Caloosahatchee River

This long meandering river borders the north side of the resort and it provides endless entertainment and beauty to all who visit its shores. People meet up regularly for sunset to view the glowing orb drop into the river – or at least it appears to. We were Kate for the official drop but still got some great pics.  The dogs like swinging by here during the day to watch the boats traveling along toward The Gulf or east to Lake Okeechobee. 

Thisvtree could not hold on to the riverbank any longer. 

A closer look…..

This view is eastetlybtoward the big lake! 

The tiny vertical line in the river is a paddleboarder who dies not see the alligator up farther just waiting for him to pass – dessert!   Actually the boarder went to shore before alligator got him. 😜

Riverbend Motorcoach Resort, LaBelle FL – our winter home 

Our owned sit #256 from Grand Lake. 

We arrived For our month long stay & have chilled out since then!  It’s great to be at a place where you know what to expect – especially since we will be traveling for 7 months starting in April. The weather has been fabulous and we have been improving our site with plantings and will add a concrete border next month. 

New bouganveilla plants add color and pop to the garden in the rear of the site. 

A bit of deep red makes things come alive. 

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