Mount Pleasant Christmas respite while the Taj gets some upgrades at National Indoor RV Center 

We are enjoying our time at home while the Taj is getting some cool additions like a water softener system and an adjustment to the tow mechanism. NIRV is doing the work at their new facility in Lawrenceville near Atlanta GA. The staff & our service crew lead by Ken are experienced & reliable – they are the prime reason we bought the Cornerstone there. Several weeks ago we attended the grand opening of the new facility which will hold 300 coaches for storage and it has more than a dozen service bays.  Lots of hookups around the outside for coachs that come for work or assistance. During the grand opening we made new friends and we all partied with fellow coach customers for three days at no expense – it was a great time!  Thanks to the staff and owners of NIRVC, Entegra & Newmar!

This week after returning from Atlanta, we are getting ready for Christmas and enjoying the great weather.  Yesterday we took the dogs to Palmetto Islands County Park for a two mile walk after a huge fog bank canceled our beach plans. It was a super walk – in a gorgeous area – dogs loved it – and I took some cool photos.

Palmetto Islands County Park…miles of paths for people, dogs and bikes along creeks and salt marshes unspoiled and free…

Back at home Christmas decor is everywhere  – inside on the tree – and in our backyard…..

Some of our silver themed ornaments on the tree.

Our tree in new house – it looks small  in the great room with the 12 ft ceiling – next year we may go taller!  We certainly have plenty of ornaments. People take Christmas decoration to the highest level down here – most are quite tasteful – we decided not to compete and we just did some wreaths and two of our palms this first year.

One of our palmettos in the backyard decorated ala southern style. The pond in the back reflects all the lights from the homes – it looks very festive at night.

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