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Visit to the rugged East coast and to Westpunt

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Visual experiences best portrayed thru photographs!

Rocky path to Boka Tabla – natures sculptures enhanced by man or woman made tributes.

Boka Pistol is in fine exploding form today. Water pushed upbthru ancient rock & coral makes loud booming sound – hence the name of this amazing natural wonder.

Lunch stop at Kura Landa Resort at Westpunt. A large Iquane on the stone wall enjoys some sun betweenbrain storms. The cactus on left is wide spread here and evocative of Wild West.

Flamingos betweenbrain downpours – on the move in the preserve searching for snack or supper.

A break in the clouds shows a flamingo pair jostling the water & sludge to get yummy crusteas for dinner – ps up is the sky and down is the water.

One of Curacao’s curious rock formations exhibiting its tumultuous geologic past – volcanic, sedimentary & unusual.

A hidden beach between storms reveals a lovely sailboat hiding from wind & rain.

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