Return to Mount Pleasant & Oak Plantation Campground with the Taj 

We returned to our site – nicely cleaned up by the campground staff but half of the place remained inundated with water from nearby ponds and new lakes left by the rain. We went home to our house which was fine with just a few palm trees who lost their fronds. The landscapers arrived in afternoon to spruce up lawns and edging. I will trim the palm tree out front that suffered. Our crepe myrtle lost most of its leaves as it bore the brunt of the wind on the east northeast side of the house. 

By late afternoon we had all the plants in pots watered and the patio furniture returned to the backyard. Things are returning to normal but on our way home we saw extensive tree damage and water levels that remained high in rivers, swamps, wetlands and the many ponds & lakes that are prevelant in low country. 

We are thankful that we came through this terrible storm with minor damage. 

 W want to thank our public safety & public works people for helping to preserve our beautiful new town.  Our Mt Pleasant Police Chief did a Facebook video tour of our area on Sunday that was a big help in reassuring folks. 

Thanks also to our  governor and her able emergency planning staff – the evacuation plans made a big difference and although we all now have this week missing from our lives – we are alive & safe. Unlike other states who did not take the threat seriously thus their people have suffered mightily, we were urged to evacuate and wait out the storm on high ground. We might not agree with her on some issues but we were very impressed with governor Haley’s handling of crisis – that’s the true test of leadership and government. 

Here are some photos of the campground to give you an idea of the water intruding into normally dry land:

This is the campground’s front lawn – no water there normally…..

Lots of egrets, ibis, herons & storks fishing in new ponds. 

No pool visits today!

Live oaks are now in the water providing great sightseeing space for water fowl. 

Author: kateamirault

Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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