Mystic & Stonington CT

Our stay at Mystic KOA in North Stonington last week was great. Weather was perfect & we made it to the pool most afternoons. We had a great reunion with two boating friends – we met Linda and Richard at Jo’s American Bistro in Newport and caught up on their lives as well as introducing them to our traveling life. They are both still working although a few years older. We encouraged them to join us in the retired community as one never knows how long you have.  We took advice from others And witnessed  the disappointment for those who waited too long. We were encouraged to plan our retirement in more detail. We now have a two to five year plan and a sense of security as a result.

While in Mystic we drove north to see two of our grandchildren Aidan & Siobhan for a few hours. After living close to them ,  spending time with them when they were young, and taking them on vacation with us for ten years it’s a change to know we won’t see them as often. But they are getting older and having their own lives.  Luckily technology allows us to stay in touch while RV traveling.

We also had car service done so it’s good till September.  The tow car is an important part of RV travel. We got the Honda CRV 18 months ago as it was a popular four wheels down tow but we have since learned it has a 65 mph towing speed limit, battery issues & a more complicated tow setup than the Jeeps. In September we hope to trade her in for a Jeep Sahara four door – something easier to set up more rugged and better suited for our travel out west in 2017.



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Retired well traveled and Experienced woman

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