Blue Ridge & bounteous borders

A view north to Appalachian Mtns
Love these 3 examples of Historic fences
A midwife lived here – delivered hundreds until death at 102!

On the road again – Kentucky Derby!

We have been remiss in blogging lately due condo sale, house purchase, move to Mt Pleasant SC, unpacking, unpacking, unpacking. But we are doing our first motor coach Fantasy Tour at Kentucky Derby and took a week to get here experiencing some sweet quaint scenery & gorgeous mountain vistas. The Tour has us scheduled to do a lot of things during the week prior to the Big Race starting with dinner on a riverboat tonight. We will tour a horse farm, talk to trainers & meet some thoroughbreds. We visit the Loiuswill Slugger Museum & the Derby Museum as well as a bourbon distillery from our home base here at the Kentucky Exposition Center. It rainned stink yesterday when we arrived so we hunkered down for most of afternoon but we could not resist a drive by Churchill Downs at sunset. We have already met some cool folks and are excited about doing our first tour with this group. Nice to have everything planned for you ahead of time including decent seats for the Run for the Roses Satruday. This is a Bucket List item so we are thrilled to be here. The dogs are okay with it – they will have dog sitters checking on them on the days we are out. This is a huge help and let’s us relax and have some fun.

Our trip here from Mt Pleasant took us thru the Blue Ridge on the brink of spring and it was lovely. This is a place you must visit – we are thankful to the people who had the foresight to preserve and design it. America at its finest.


We also stop for a few days near the border of Kentucky, West Virginia & Ohio –  saw coal & gas production activity & its impact on the environment. We crossed many rivers  & creeks,  went thru several mountains via long tunnels and drove a lot of up/ downs routes with long languid S curves.  It was stressful for the driver – we are glad to be returning a different way next Sunday.

The terrain went from rugged & mountainous to rolling hills of green trees and flowering shrubs. Magnolias are starting to bloom – azaleas & dogwood have heralded their advent. Wild flowers carpeted the forest slopes – violets, snowbells, buttercups, lily of the valley – sweet smelling air made you want to take deep breaths & savor the crystal clear air.

This week will be recorded in photos, souvenirs & memories and promises to be an outstanding event for us – and you thru this blog. Enjoy along with us on this great & adventurous ride!




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