Bushkill Falls visit 

The reported Niagara of Pennsylvania lived up to its billing yesterday. The Falls were spectacular and the entire sight was a joy – a privately owned natural wonder that is beautifully maintained and very accessible for all types of visitors. We hiked more than we expected because it was so compelling. This is a stop not to be missed along the Delaware River Gap Recreation Area. It’s $13 per person, but discounts are available from campgrounds – we paid $11.  Lots of people brought dogs but it was too hot and too far a walk for Lenny – he liked the photos & souvenirs!
These are Iphone photos – Sony dslr photos will follow.  Put this beautiful site on your bucket list in PA. Well Worth it! 

Lenny update

Our  yorkie Lenny went swimming in the big River from the shore at the Shawnee Inn – he just walked in and stared swimming around. He obviously needed a cooling off.  Perhaps he misses swimming in the ocean at home & from the boat. Photos documenting this coming soon. 😎

July 16th Delaware Water Gap tour

On Thursday we visited the Delaware Water Gap area – the mile wide River is a beautiful natural wonder. The history of early 1900s resorts & hotels is fascinating – it’s a shame so few of the historic building survived. The cooler air and refreshing breezes around the river’s shore reminds you of why the city folks came here for relief in the summer.  There appears to be abundant wild life – we saw a white tailed doe and her two fawns playing in a field near downtown DWG.  All kinds of Birds sing throughout the day and the very tall trees give them happy homes. The bright orange cardinals have a lovely song.  We plan to visit Bushkill Falls and other falls in the national park tomorrow. Also it’s Christmas in July here at the Campground – Santa is coming this weekend so folks are decorating appropriately 🎄🎄🎄. 

Here are a few shots from yesterday’s travels:


Poconos – Mountain Vista Campground

We arrived at stop 2 on July 14 around 130 pm having departed Plattekill at about 11:15am. Had some light rain on this trip and a slow ride thru the Delaware Gap National Park. Big warning that “major animal collisions” we’re possible was a bit intimidating … It is very green and rich with trees shrubs and wildlife here – we plan to explore waterfalls and the “Gap” tomorrow. It rained hard right after we got set up in our site in Mountain Vista # B16 but we could go inside and be warm and cosy!  Slept great – very quiet here. My mosquito bite on my eyelid is going down but is still pretty unattractive. No posing for Vogue this week!  Lenny likes it here cause we won’t move for 7 days!  He did better on this leg of the trip – we put his “Thunder” Shirt before we left and hooked him into his seatbelt like we do in the car. Better to not having him roam around the motorhome while we are underway. Rick has had time to relax today after several driving days – so that’s a plus. It feels like we are on vacation finally. We will visit waterfalls and the Pocono Indiam Museum while we are here. Our camp hostess stopped by today to meet Lenny & his family  – she loves Yorkies – who doesn’t?  We chatted for a while – she has been doing this for 35+ yrs and enjoys meting all the people from different places. I admit that is part of the appeal for us too. It’s getting dark now and Lenny thinks it must be bedtime…  

More later – ciao.  


Newburgh to Poconos to Saugerties Trip

Our  first RV trip has begun. We have been preparing fir this trip for weeks & we finally yesterday left Brialee in CT & arrived here – Newburgh NYC KOA Campground in Plattekill on the lower edge of Catskills area. Pretty secluded and quiet campground with a lot of Class A, C & 5th wheel motor homes. 

 Also cute cabins for those w/o wheeled homes. Two pools, snack bar – pancakes for breakfast (not on fasting Monday) also miniature golf, basketball to amuse everyone. The gift shop had tons of Yankees stuff so we won’t be bringing any of that contraband back to New England! We will however bring lots of photos!  Two days here and we depart on 7/14 for the Poconos – Mt Vista is our next stop for 7 days. But we are off to the pool for a few hours now.  Cheers!


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