May 21, 2015

Updated theme and logo for this site today.  We are getting settled in the camp site – tables & chairs are out, grill has been tested and we have walked around a lot of the campground to get the lay of the land.  Already love the quiet in the morning, then the birds chirping, breeze in the trees and squirrels running around the branches  We hung a bird feeder – which the squirrel of the neighborhood found first!  I planted some flowers around our campsite’s front entry and we placed one of the Amirault signs that Rick’s Dad carved long ago – so folks would know we had arrived!  We found a terrific breakfast place to try tomorrow, a great Price Chopper grocery in Mansfield across from UCONN at Storrs, a cute neighborhood wine & liquor store with a pretty excellent wine selection – they had some of our favorites and the owner will order others if we ask.  Everyone we have met down here has been friendly and welcoming.  We feel better about this crazy adventure everyday! Tomorrow photos of our little garden after I put the cedar chips out.  An herb garden will be added when it gets warm enough at night… 🙂

First Monday at Brialee Campground in Ashford Connecticut May 18,2015

Today is our first Monday here – we arrived on Saturdat  afternoon and have been setting up and finding out where we stored everything over the winter. We have had two great overnights and find the bed very comfortable. Lenny is very happy and likes being outside so much. We had our first fire in the campsite last night complete with marshmallows. Lenny thought that process was weird – setting fire to food then eating it seemed slightly crazy. We have met a few camp neighbors and they all seem very nice and friendly.  This will be our home base for the summer allowing us to take trips west and south from here.  The two week in the Poconos & Catskills will be the July trip – we may do a short trip before July 11th.  Hey there are bugs here – mosquitoes but out citronella candles and bracelets are working great. Today we got our Internet working so we are online full time again. We plan to find the Lowes and Stop/Shop later today. Will miss the Market Basket & Whole Foods but I bet there’s fresh produce around here somewhere. 

Tons of birds in all the trees which for a city kid who lived by the water for the last 20 yrs with few trees – this is pretty cool. We heard a woodpecker this morning and saw a group of blue jays.  Also We will plant a small flower garden and some herbs.  Lots of maple trees and pines in the area – we will need our trees & shrubs reference to get more specific. 



Search for America Motorhome trip with Kathleen, Rick & Lenny begins 05/14/15


Tomorrow we have our meet up with the Bus and the tow installer and Tiffin rep. Hopefully we get to drive away in the afternoon to begin our next Adventure……  More photos and stories to follow..,.

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